The Partnership for a Healthy Texas is proud to announce the release of the ‘State of Obesity in Texas Report,’ which paints a picture of the obesity crisis in Texas to serve as background to our Legislative Priorities for the 87th Session.
Read the report here!

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Dedicated to developing and promoting policies and programs that prevent obesity in Texas.
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Find what works
for Texans

Work with leading research institutions, state agencies, and a wide range of non-profit organizations to identify policies and best practices that will yield the greatest impact on obesity in Texas.

Set priorities for
the Legislature

Collaborate with advocacy groups to set specific legislative priorities, and do the legwork to get legislators and the public informed and in support.

Follow through
and track success

After policies make their way into law, the Partnership ensures they are enacted as intended and monitored and evaluated for efficacy.
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If you missed out we have all webinars recorded. Here is the recording for the "Walk Across Texas! – A Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion Program" webinar.

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The webinar “Walk Across Texas! – A Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion Program” will be held on 11/17. This program challenges teams to virtually walk the distance across the state of Texas: