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To work within the parameters of a strategic plan to combat obesity in Texas and develop and promote a legislative agenda to support that plan, identifying and involving relevant stakeholders.


The Partnership is governed by a Steering Committee elected during a general membership meeting in the fall of 2006. This group has guided decisions for the organization over the past year. A Chair and Vice Chair were elected to provide leadership and represent the Partnership in various capacities. Texas Health Institute continues in the role of facilitator and is providing administrative and technical support during this formative stage.

Due to the extremely short time frame for activity, the Partnership chose to focus on policy and legislation first and governance was tabled until after the session. Currently the Partnership is reviewing structure and developing bylaws. Work groups have been established to review programs and issues that are developing and may require policy intervention during the next session.  Individuals from member organizations are also working with state agencies on implementation of the legislation that was passed during the 80th legislative session.

During the next three years, the Partnership will produce resources and tools to generate and implement policies targeting obesity prevention and reduction in Texas. Some of the products to be developed are:

    • Blue Print for Short and Long Term Policy Options to reduce obesity prevalence in Texas
    • Health Policy Forums
    • Legislative Educational Focused Forums
    • Proposed Interim Study Topics
    • Proposed Legislative Priorities
    • Legislative Summits
    • Policy Briefs
    • Policy Primers
    • Situational Analyses of Policy Options


The Partnership will use both quantitative and qualitative analysis in evaluating the overall initiative and program mission.  By reviewing the level of participation of all stakeholders involved in the project, the Partnership will be able to demonstrate evidence-based tools and resources enabling policy decision-makers to understand issues and workable solutions to prevent and reduce obesity in Texas.  The Partnership will also develop qualitative surveys for participant input and monitor policy decision-makers’ use of Partnership products and implementation of policy solutions.



We are actively soliciting support from associations, private foundations, business/industry and individuals to ensure the Partnership’s initial funding and long-term sustainability.  Funding this project will ensure that policy decision-makers have a vision for the future with workable policy options for preventing and reducing obesity in Texas.  The project will weigh the diverse interests of all stakeholders, including consumers, and provide a mechanism for the effective and efficient adoption and implementation of policies that ultimately improve the health of all Texans.


The Partnership for a Healthy Texas:
Developing and Promoting Policies that prevent and reduce obesity in Texas.


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